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How It Works


Create your coach profile including bio, locations, prices, session types and areas of specialisation. Set your availability – it’s flexible around other commitments you have. You have the option to do coaching sessions in-person, online, or both.


Athletes search by sport and location, or just sport, once your coach profile is live they can review your bio and expertise and send through a booking request to train with you. You can accept, decline, or reschedule. You may also receive messages from athletes keen to confirm a day and time before they send through a booking request.


Through the booking process PlayBook captures the session payment. This is forwarded to you after the coaching session. If the session status is correct and the session is completed, then you’re guaranteed payment. You’ll be paid into the bank account you nominate in your coach sign up process.


Coaching with PlayBook is so simple and flexible. With athletes of all different ages signing up, I'm able to adapt each session to different needs. Whether it's a more serious skills session or a fun group session, I still get plenty out of the experience.
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Jarryd Lyons
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What if I’m not available all the time?
Where do I coach in-person?
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What experience or qualifications do I need?
I only want to do online mentoring, how does that work?
Tell me more about pricing and payments
Will I be an employee of PlayBook?
What if I have my own coaching business currently?
What if I’m not a professional athlete, can I coach with PlayBook?
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